Time! Time! Time!

There are lots of great ideas on the web for teaching students how to tell time, elapsed time, and other time concepts.  A lot of these great ideas also incorporate literacy.  Here are a few of some of these great ideas:

Have your students make wristwatches using cardboard tubes for the strap and a paper face, each with a unique time.  Then, giving your students a recording sheet, have students walk around the room recording what time each student has on their “wristwatch”.  View the activity here.

To help students learn to communicate about time, Kendra at the Aussie Pumpkin Patch blog has this learning clock template with each five minute interval labeled.  I love that each half of the circle is labeled with “to” or “past”.  This is often difficult for students to learn, and I think this is a great resource.  View their blog post here.

Have you come across any great ideas for integrating telling time and literacy?  Share them with me!