More Math Songs!

I posted here about Multiplication Songs and Tricks from Ginger’s website Ginger Snaps.  I love teaching math concepts – or any concept! – through song, chant, or rap.  Mr. R has posted many, many videos about a variety of math and science concepts, including: addition facts, place value, skip counting, geometry, number sense, multiplication, fractions, and more!

Find him on YouTube or view his website here.  My favorite thing about Mr. R’s website?  At the top of the home page, he says this:

Here are a few screen shots from Mr. R’s Even Numbers video:


Musical Math

Many great teachers have shared ideas for teaching math concepts through songs.  Often, learning is more meaningful for kids when they can sing and chant and rap.
Ginger, creator of the blog Ginger Snaps: Tidbits and Treats for Teachers created this super Multiplication Songs and Tricks sheet:

Visit her blog and get this great resource free: here