Problem Solving

Standard Area 2.5: Mathematical Problem Solving and Communication
Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 2

1. Math Curse by Jon Scieszka, 1995
When the teacher tells her class that they can think of almost everything as a math problem, one student acquires a math anxiety, which becomes a real curse.

2. The Great Graph Contest by Loreen Leedy, 2006
“Two comical creatures go crazy with graphs in an imaginative look at organizing information. Young readers can learn about bar graphs, pie charts, Venn diagrams, and more. Details about how each graph was made are shown at the end plus instructions for students to make their own.” (Amazon book description)

Standard Area 2.5: Mathematical Problem Solving and Communication

Grade 3 – Grade 5

1. Music Math by Kieran Walsh, 2006
Examines the significance of mathematics in creating and enjoying music

2. Time by Sally Hewitt, 1996
This book familiarizes young children with time and the different ways we measure it and brings basic math concepts to life for them.

3. Multiplying Menace: The Revenge of Rumpelstiltskin by Pam Calvert, 2006
It’s been 10 years since the queen defeated Rumpelstiltskin by speaking his name, but now he’s back to demand repayment for all of the gold he spun for her so many years ago. If she does not oblige, he threatens to increase the pest population and make the kingdom’s livestock and other assets disappear by multiplying with fractions. Rumpelstiltskin multiplies the king’s nose by six and vows to do the same for the entire royal court, unless Peter, the queen’s 10-year-old son, agrees to go with him to work off the debt. It’s up to the young prince to take possession of the man’s magical multiplying stick and to learn how to use it in order to restore normalcy to the kingdom.

4. The Multiplying Menace Divides by Pam Calvert, 2011
“This book would be a good resource in an upper elementary math classroom. It has puzzles throughout, so students can identify the math problems throughout the text. It goes over challenging math concepts, as it also covers dividing by fractions.” (Amazon book description)

5. Math-terpieces: The Art of Problem-Solving by Greg Tang, 2003
“Tang uses the artwork of 12 famous painters as an aid in developing problem-solving skills through grouping. Each spread features a quality reproduction on the left side. The poem underneath it highlights an item in the picture and presents a math query.” (Amazon book description)

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