Math Journals

Susan Carter integrated math and writing workshop by having her students write in a math journal.  Each journal was divided into three sections: Strategies, Questions, and Reflections.  Students would write in their math journal at the end of each math lesson.  Ms. Carter began by using several sentence frames to model mathematical writing for her students.  Here are a few examples:

“At first I was going to try _____, but then I decided to _____.”
“I thought about what _____ said the other day and decided to try his/her strategy.”
“Once I found where I got stuck, I tried the problem again from the beginning.  This time I decided to try _____.”

Then, Ms. Carter taught her students to write mathematical stories, which they shared in the Author’s Chair.  This sharing time, which integrates math and communication, also led to math conversations among students, helping them to think about their strategies and revise their thinking.

Read all about Ms. Carter’s experience integrating math and writing workshop here.

Carter, S. (2009, April). Connecting mathematics and writing workshop: It’s kinda like ice skating. The Reading Teacher, 62(7), 606-610. doi:10.1598/‌RT.62.7.7


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